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Mathematical Vocabulary

Maths is its own language. Sometimes that language looks like written word and sometimes it looks like symbols, but it is a language; it must be learned for math fluency and competency. If your child does not have a good understanding of key mathematical vocabulary, it can hinder them in making good progress in maths and in other areas of the curriculum.


At Chester Blue Coat, we explicitly teach maths vocabulary, giving it a context and allowing children to apply it in a variety of problems.


On each of the attached documents- to download- you will find the vocabulary broken down into the different year groups within school. We know children are curious and will undoubtedly want to learn more; we encourage this.

EYFS vocabulary

Year 1 vocabulary

Year 2 vocabulary

Year 3 vocabulary

Year 4 vocabulary

Year 5 vocabulary

Year 6 vocabulary.

Files to Download

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