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Welcome to Rainbow Nursery


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In Rainbow Nursery we take children from the age of 3 years old. We are a teacher-led school based nursery with fully qualified staff who have years of experience in teaching 3-5year olds. Parents put their children in our care feeling that they will be comfortable, happy, confident and relaxed, knowing that they are in a secure, loving and exciting learning environment. We are part of a popular community primary school and our Nursery children get to know the staff and are an important part of whole school life. When they are ready to start Reception, they find the transition to 'big school' much easier, having built good friendships along the way. We provide the opportunities for each child to fulfil their potential by developing self-confidence, so that they are happy with themselves and with each other and by giving them a wealth of new experiences. 


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What and how do our children learn?

'Where will we have an adventure today?'

Our children learn through a wide range of play opportunities as well as directed activities and games with adults that enable them to be the best that they can be. The children share ideas about what they would like to do and learn about, and we make sure this is included in their day to day experiences. We very much encourage children to explore and create their own adventures in learning and as adults we join them along the way enhancing knowledge and joining in the fun. Scroll down to the bottom to see some of this week's activities.


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We follow the 'Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum' which includes 7 areas of learning and you can read more details about it here:  EYFS Parents Guide

 Between the ages of 3-4 years our main focus for our learners development is :

Communication and Language (Listening, understanding & speaking.)

Personal, Social & Emotional (Self-confidence, managing feelings and behaviour & making relationships)

Physical – (Moving, health, fine motor skills/self-care)

These 'Prime areas' are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning.

As children grow, the prime areas will help them to further develop their skills in 4 'Specific areas'. These are:

• Literacy (Reading - enjoying stories and rhymes and writing - learning to mark make) 

• Mathematics (Learning about numbers and understanding their value, exploring shapes and measures)

• Understanding the world ( Learning about people and how we are similar and different, learning about nature and the world around us)

• Expressive arts and design (creative activities, art, drawing, making, dancing, music and pretend play)


The 7 areas are used to plan the learning for our Nursery children ensuring they receive a broad and balanced curriculum. The professionals teaching and supporting your child will make sure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs. Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring. Being active, being creative and critical thinking takes place both indoors and outside. Teachers plan from the children’s interests whilst ensuring a full coverage of the above areas of learning. The opportunites we provide are very visual and practical, and so are very supportive to children developing their communication and language skills as well as to our children who speak English as an additional language. 


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Our children love to learn and it shows in everything that they do.  Our curriculum is made up of small group adult led learning alongside  engaging experiences that promote independent learning. In Nursery we begin learning about phonics using 'Letters and Sounds'. We make sure they have experienced a wide range of opportunities to develop vital pre-reading and sound descrimination skills through games and play activities ready to join Reception and continue their reading journey.

Rainbow nursery provides the opportunities for each child to fulfil their potential by developing self-confidence, so that they are happy with themselves and with each other, and by giving them care, love and a world of new experiences. We focus on supporting our children to develop a 'growth mindset' which ensures that they can develop the skills and confidence to overcome any obstacles.

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One of the key things that we learn about and celebrate is the diversity of our community and the different cultures and religions of our families. We especially focus on helping our children to understand that we are all different but all very special and unique. We encourage our children to share their home experiences and celebrations and to show respect to differences between ourselves and our families. The Christian family at Chester Blue Coat welcomes and values all.

We are open from 9.00am- 3pm each day during term time only. If you want to find out more about session times and a typical day in nursery please click on 'Session times and our nursery day' at the top of this page.


We work in partnership with our families

We recognise parents are every child's first and most important teachers, so when children join us we talk to families to find out all about their little one's needs, likes, dislikes and celebrate the things they have learnt so far. Once settled with us, we share what each child has been doing in the following ways:

  • Regularly talking to parents informally at the end of a session to share great learning.
  • Inviting families to attend ‘Stay and Play’ sessions every half term so they can come in and join in with activities, see what we are learning and how they may support at home.
  • At the end of every term we send home a selection of photographs and observations so they have a record of their child’s learning and can celebrate with their little one the fun things they have been doing with their nursery friends.
  • Sharing photographs of nursery activities and learning on our school twitter page - @ChesterBlueCoat #CBCNursery
  • Talking to families if we have any worries about a little one's learning or behaviour so we can support them in the best way possible.
  • Talking to families to share celebrations or aspects of significant progress or achievement.
  • Regular communication through our ‘School Spider’ app to share school newsletters, special events, information and to celebrate great things your little one has done if we weren't able to talk to you in person.

To find out more about what we do in Nursery and Reception at Chester Blue Coat school please Google search 'What to expect in the Foundation Years' and look for the image below. It will give you information about what your little one will be experiencing in in the curriculum in our school and our role in supporting your child's development.




Be Ready, Be Safe and Be Kind
Our school has three simple rules: ‘Be Ready, Be Safe and Be Kind', generated through discussions with staff, pupils and parents and which are applicable to a wide variety of situations. These rules are explicitly taught and modelled by all members of our school community and that learning begins in our Nursery. By following these three rules we ensure all our children feel happy, safe and secure and are ready to have lots of fun learning.


What to do if you would like your child to join us in Rainbow nursery:

To apply for a place please contact the school office during term time on Tel: 01244 455275 or Email:

We will do all we can to accomodate your session requirements. All children joining us will have a home visit followed by an initial short visit to the setting, followed by morning or afternoon sessions as chosen by you. A gradual transition into a new setting gives young children the best possible start so they feel happy and secure saying good bye at the door and coming in ready to join in the fun. Putting the child at the centre of what we do is something we feel passionate about. Please see our terms and conditions here for joining our nursery to ensure we can meet your childcare requirements.


Families joining our school are entitled to 15 hours free care in our Nursery. You may choose 5 morning sessions, or 5 afternoon sessions or (once children are settled) you may choose 2 and a half days - it all depends on spaces available, how you feel your little one will cope, and your preferences. You may wish to have your child with us for longer periods. If you would like to apply for 30 hours free childcare funding follow this link to find out if you are eligible and what to do  :


What will we be doing this half term in Rainbow Nursery:

Please see below to find out some of the activities that your little one will be experiencing this spring half term:

Literacy - Favourite 5 Stories: Our 5 key stories for this half term will be read frequently and help develop and extend vocabulary, speech and sentence structures, rhyming and counting skills and so much more :

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PSE - We will be continuing to think about how what we do can affect other people. We keep it simple by explaining our words can affect how other people feel in their heart. We will  help our littlies begin to build empathy and care and look after each other, but also to begin talking to solve disagreements instead of always asking an adult for help (althouhg this is important).

Understanding the world - We will be doing lots of planting and growing this half term linked to one of our favourite 5 stories. Luckily when Cheshire Fire Service visited before the holiday, they gave us some sunflower seeds to grow which will then be put outside their firestation. Hopefully we will grow the biggest one!!!! We will also plane potatoes, nasturtiums and peas if we have time! The children will do the soil preparation, planting and caring so they involved in every stage of growth.

Mark making  We will be encouraging our children to make up their writing and tell us what they want it to say. Whilst it may look like squiggles and scribbles the skill of making marks for communication is a key step to beginning our writing journey and it super important we value our little ones efforts so they progress. We will directly teach children how to begin forming the letters in their name when they are able to control their pencil. Please note in school we use a capital letter just at the start of names and then lower case letters after this - so we teach 'Freddy' not 'FREDDY'.

Phonics – We follow the ‘Little Wandle’ phonics scheme and we will be playing games to hear initial sounds in words focussing on s,a,t,p,i,n. In the Nursery we will not be teaching what the letters look like at this point in the year as our phonics scheme 'Little Wandle' explains that communication and listening skills are key to developing phonics awareness/confidence and is more appropriate at this young age. If you would like to read more on this click here: Little Wandle phonics in the nursery

Number/Mathematics – We will be investigating arrangements of numbers and in turn developing early calculation skills. We will take each number upto 5 and organising it in different ways ie 5 spots can be arranged into 2 spots together and 3 spots together. Or it can be arranged as a line of 5 spots or it can even look like 4 spots and 1 spot on its own. Throush songs and games we will developing our verbal count skills upto 20 and making sure we dont miss out number 15 and they are in the right order! Challenges will include matching amounts to numbers and problemsolving with the 3 billy goats gruff.

Physical Development - 

We are looking forward to another term of fun and learning and developing the skills we need for the world our littlies live in.

Kind regards

The Nursery Team





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