Doing everything in love, go and do likewise!

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Fantastic to invite Reverend Andy into school to talk to 5HER about the qualities needed for a Church Leader.

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3C have been looking at the parable of The Sower in RE and its meaning. They have been thinking how they can "plant seeds" to make good things grow.



In R.E. 1B have been learning about the parable of the Mustard Seed. We learnt how a small thing can grow into something much bigger. #CBC1B

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Year 2 had a Prayer Day yesterday where we considered the purpose of prayer, different ways to pray, how the parable of The Good Samaritan influences our lives and who has helped us and who we have helped. #CBC2S.



After enjoying a Buddhism talk from Mrs Reddy, we practised doing Kinhin - it was tricky to walk very, very slowly.


Year 5 had some visitors in from Vineyard 53. We've been exploring our school vision of doing everything in love, so they told us about how they 'Go and do likewise' by doing events in the community.

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An enjoyable trip to Chester Cathedral this week for Pilgrim Week. We made mosaics, purses, tiles, dressed up as monks and took a vow of silence, learnt about St. Werburgh, sang in a choir and had a tour.

Thank you to @ChesterCath for such a wonderful day!



Each class has a supply of different Bibles that children have free access to. Many thanks to Chester Parochial Relief in Need Charity who donated Bibles for each year group. 



Here are Reception children thinking about the qualities of a good King/Queen. They had some lovely ideas such as sharing toys and food with everyone in the kingdom, giving hugs and helping with the jobs. They then had lots of fun acting out Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem and learning that Christians believe Jesus is a special kind of king. 




Year 3 children explored Forgiveness and the story of The Lost Son. 

Should the son go home or eat the pig food? 

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Year 5 acted out parts of the Easter story and then did freeze frames to see if we could guess which part of the story they were exploring. 


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We learn about being thankful in RE. The children made thank you cards for people in their lives. 


We love learning about different people and cultures in Nursery . 

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Reception learn about how Diwali is celebrated by dancing to Hindu music, making Diva lamps, creating rockets and firework pictures and acting out the story of Rama and Sita. 

Diwali.pngYear 6s Easter pictures in the style of Georgia O’Keefe. They looked at the order of events in Holy Week. 


Year 2s wonderful group art work showing the '7 Days of Creation' using wax and watercolours.

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Year 5 investigated what the Bible says about keeping the Sabbath. They debated reasons for and against playing sport on Sundays.  

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Year 5 designed their own God and thought about the characteristics they would need.



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