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Premises/Health & Safety Committee

The Premises/Health and Safety Committee has the responsibility:

  • To ensure that actions are taken in respect of relevant health and safety legislation
  • To advise the governing body on priorities, including safeguarding, security, health and safety and maintenance and development of the premises
  • To oversee arrangements for repairs and maintenance of the premises
  • To make recommendations to the Finance and Staffing Committee on premises-related expenditure
  • In consultation with the head and the Finance and Staffing Committee, to oversee premises-related funding bids
  • To oversee arrangements, including health and safety, for the use of premises by outside users
  • To monitor the effectiveness of services provided through relevant SLA’s and contracts
  • To receive health and safety reports
  • To ensure a termly health and safety tour is conducted
  • To receive reports on the condition of buildings and school environment
  • To examine the accident report book
  • To receive termly reports on the fire evacuation procedures
  • To attend training as appropriate
  • Any items which the Governing Body may wish to include

The committee members are:

  • Chris Mann (Chair)
  • Matt Hover
  • Ben Walker

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