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Faith Team Leaders

Introducing our Faith Team Leaders at Chester Blue Coat...

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"I wanted to be Faith Team Leader because I am a Christian and I believe in God a lot."



"I love to pray. God is important to me and people need to know about him. It is also important that they know that we don't all have to have the same religion. Just have faith and do good things."




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"I wanted to become Faith Team Leader to learn more about religions and because I want to help people learn about religions. It is important so you can understand other people's point of view."


  3S FTL.png

" I like learning about religions, and I like to pray.  My faith is Hinduism. I wanted to be a faith leader because I like learning about different faiths."


3P FTL.png

I wanted to be the Faith Team leader because I like to help.



I wanted to become the Faith Team Leader because I wanted to support all religions around the school.


2MW FTL.png

"I think Jesus is the special baby of God."





 "I wanted to do it because I like learning about Jesus and I’ll be good at the job." 


2SL FTL.png

"I like assemblies."


5H FTL.png

"I wanted to be a Faith Team Leader so that I can spread the word of God. It is important to learn more about Christianity but also about other religions and the beliefs and cultures of people in this school. Being a Faith Team Leader means that I could change a person's life. This could begiving to charity, helping the homeless or doing something to help the elderly. I just want to help.







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