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The GAFI Project

At Chester Blue Coat, we are now twinned with Kagera Primary School in Kisoro, Uganda.

This link has been set up through The Great Apes Film Initiative (GAFI), which is an innovative, grass-roots based organisation that aims to promote the conservation of great apes and their habitats. We will be developing this link when we learn about GAFI and how they use pedal-powered cinemas to screen programmes in Africa and South East Asia to engage and inspire people to create local and sustainable solutions to the problems facing great apes and their environments around the world.


Many of the children who attend Kagera Primary School live in very challenging circumstances, with poor access to water. Often children have to walk considerable distances to collect; water to drink and to use to grow crops. Below are some pictures of the school.


Screenshot 2022-01-10 113258.pngScreenshot 2022-01-10 113315.png

Screenshot 2022-01-10 113542.png


The GAFI project is linked to an organisation called DRIP Uganda. DRIP Uganda, is an organisation who build water harvesters for vulnerable families. Supported by GAFI (the charity who arranges our school twinning), DRIP have already built over 50 water harvesters in the Kisoro area and next spring they intend to build many more. The water harvesters are not used for drinking water, they are used to collect water for the families to grow crops. After such a period of great difficulty, due to the impact of coronavirus, some of the families are living in very challenging circumstances and having access to an accessible, regular supply of water would be life changing.


Sponsoring a water harvester costs £65. As a school community we have been able to sponsor 8- a huge achievement at what is a very challenging time.


 Screenshot 2022-01-10 115008.png  Screenshot 2022-01-10 114523.png

Screenshot 2022-01-10 114543.pngScreenshot 2022-01-10 114614.png

Screenshot 2022-01-10 114643.pngScreenshot 2022-01-10 114712.png

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