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What's in the news?

Every week, during our Wednesday collective Worship, we look at news stories from that particular week. The children are introduced to a topical question from the current news- locall, nationally or even globally! During the time of reflection, the children at Chester Blue Coat are asked to consider their own personal response to the questions posed.

Through the worship the children are exposed to a range of current issues including political, religious, cultural, environmental, social, moral and spiritual. Tolerance and respect are challenged through these discussions. 


Questions posed already this term include:


Core Value- Hope

British Value-Individual Liberty

Millions of people living
in Pakistan have been affected  by flooding. There are many different ways we can help
if we choose to.

UN Rights of a Child- Article 24 

Every child, no matter where in the world they are, has the
right to live in a safe environment.


Core Value- Wisdom

British Value-Individual Liberty

Our actions have consequences. If we choose to buy and use items made from plastic, we must consider the impact this will have on our world.

UN Rights of a Child- Article 29 

As part of our education, we should be taught about how we can help protect the environment.


Core Value- Wisdom

British Value-Democracy

Allowing people a way of choosing and replacing their representatives through free and fair elections.

UN Rights of a Child- Article 15

Children and young people have the human right to freedom of association.






Core Value- Respect

British Value-Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Every single person in our world is different. We can learn about and celebrate our differences, which can help us to respect and value one another.

UN Rights of a Child- Article 2 

We all have rights no matter who we are, where we live, what language we speak, what our religion is, what we think, what we look like, if we’re a boy or a girl, if we have a disability, if we are rich or poor, who our parents and families are and what they believe or do. We should never be treated unfairly for any reason.

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