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Maths around the school.

These are just a small selection of photographs taken during maths sessions throughout school. Just look how much fun the children are having as they are consolidating and practising new skills.

A word to describe this maths lesson in Year 5? Frantic. 
The children were introduced to a 'Gecko' Quiz today. Tense up to the final minutes.

Screenshot 2022-01-14 122514.png  Screenshot 2022-01-14 122550.png



In Year 6, the children were reflecting shapes in Maths across vertical, horizontal and diagonal line.



Year 6 completing 'I See Reasoning' problems with Fractions.


Y6 Fractions.png



Year 1 have been using practical equipment to learn more about Place Value.

Y1 Place Value.png


Year 5 explored square numbers before doing some problem solving and reasoning questions.

Year 5 square.pngYear 5.png


Year 3 have been using Base 10 to add and subtract 10's from a 3 digit number.

Year 3.png

Year 5, investigating Prime numbers.

Prime numbers.png

Prime numbers 2.png     

Year 5 have also been practising their factors and multiples.

factors and multiples(1).png

factors and multiples 2.png

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