Doing everything in love, go and do likewise!



Many thanks to the members of our Chester Blue Coat School community who have sent in the translation of our Core Value of Peace in their own home language.

It is interesting when you look at our Core Values poster from 2021-2022 to see how the langauges spoken have changed within the year.



Our Chester Blue Coat Vision


We are Chester Blue Coat; our Christian family encourages those of all faiths and none to value and celebrate our diversity. We grow together as a community of unique individuals, doing everything in love.

Bible passage; The Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37


Zoe in 5LER has produced her own Peace poster; she has considered different symbols to represent Peace.


A beautiful poster creatively produced by Klara in 5LER- a super job!

Eldan was very proud of this stunning Peace poster.

Felix has created this beautiful Peace Poster- a superb job of incorporating technology.


Meher in year 3 has considered what a world with Peace means to her. Well done.



Three very clear representations of Peace have been included in the poster by Giulia in 3S.

Harriet and Elizabeth have worked together to create a picture of what they think Peace means.


Not only has Tisa (5LER) considered the use of Peace symbols within her poster, she has also written a poem to accompany it.




Alex (6P) has certainly managed to incorporate many of the symbols connected with Peace into this creative and beautifulluy presented poster.



Click here to go to  explore the value of Peace further whilst at home.

This term we will be focussing on the Core Value of

Peace. We hope your family will find these ideas helpful as you explore the value and have fun together.


Music Links

There are many superb songs on the theme of 'Peace'. Below are just a few for you to listen to and enjoy!


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