Reception 2019 - 2020

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Welcome to Reception! 

On this page we will let you know what your child is learning about in school and give you ideas for ways to help at home. We continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and if you want to know more about how and what your child will be learning, please click on this link: Parents guide to the EYFS

During our learning this week we will be:

sharing the story 'Rosie's walk' by Pat Hutchins to develop our understanding and use of preposition words. Why not share the story here: Rosie's Walk

writing messages to our friends and posting them in their challenge pots. As we write we will try to remember to chop our words up carefully, use finger spaces in our writing and to write neatly. Finally we will read and check our work to make it even better!

sorting objects that float and sink and try to think about why and explain why we think that.

pretend role playing in our Vets role play area. We have many poorly animals that will be bandaged, injected and our Vets will prescribe the right medicine for them we hope!

adding and subtracting by counting on and counting backwards. For example to calculate 3+4 we will teach the children count on 4 more from number 3. For subtraction eg 12 - 5 children will be shown how to start at no 12 and count backwards 5 numbers along  a numberline. For those that can already do it they will be working with numbers upto 25 and try to do it mentally.

giving each other directions. In PE we will be pretending to be robots and our partner will tell us home many steps to take, when to turn etc so we do not fall into sticky swamps or be caught by dinosaurs. This activity will help us develop our speaking and listening skills and ability to use prepositions.

writing chalk messages outside. Yes we will be encouraging our children to grafitti the floor, writing messages to their friends to practise all the phonic skills they have learnt so far.

using our ipads to film songs and dances. The children love playing games on the ipads but we want them to use the camera and video apps so they will film friends performing, to share with the whole class at carpet times.




Dont forget that reading books are changed on Mondays and Thursdays, but only if your child has had a few practises at home. Please write a quick note or initial in the Reading Record Book, each time the book has been read. Well done to those children doing lots of reading at home - it really shows who is doing lots of practise and is making a big difference to their learning.

Bedtime story books can be changed anytime during the school day - just remind your child to do this.

Here is the link to a short video giving you ideas of how to support your child with reading at home Little learners :helping your child to read at home

Have a great week

The Reception Team 




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